Engage Live Call Screening

Your Calls, Your Control:
Screen Smartly with Engage Live Call Screening

Block unnecessary calls and ensure those reaching you are of most relevance

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Spammers Attack All – Individuals and Business

1 in 3 Americans fall victim to a phone scam

Neighborhood spoofing is currently in 70% of fraudulent calls

A typical spam call cost victims $577

Robocall fraud cost telecom companies billions of dollars

Robocallers can cost a business $9 - $13 per call

38% of businesses have no idea whether they’re being marked as “potential fraud” or not

Unlock Productivity, Save Time, and Cut Costs:
A Personal Gatekeeper that eliminates unwanted interruptions

Block Unwanted Calls

Screen incoming calls to filter out telemarketers, spam callers or robocalls

Improve Time Management

Save time and energy by filtering calls based on person and purpose

Peace of Mind

Answer calls confidently without the fear of getting duped or harassed

Protect Your Privacy

Control who you talk to and protect your personal information by filtering out unwanted and unknown numbers

Enhance Productivity

Minimize disruption, maintain efficiency and achieve better outcomes by answering calls that matter most

Experience Engage Live Call Screening in action as it safeguards customers from scammers and personal information exposure

App or No App – Choice is Yours

Simply add Engage Live Call Screening to your existing voice communication services.

  • Voice over LTE/ 5G
  • SIP-based Voice Calls
  • WebRTC-based Voice Calls


Your force multiplier to increase ARPU & margin of communication services

Accelerated Revenue

A production-ready solution for generating revenue

Quick Implementation

Faster Time-to-Market for your customers


Customize responses to suit your needs


Built to meet telco scale - millions of subscribers

Faster Service Turn-Up

Quick Service Turn-up for an enhanced experience

Deployment Flexibility

Host in the cloud, at the edge cloud, or on-premises


Easy Programmability via APIs and SDKs

Discover how users can manage their communications seamlessly, making the most out of every desired interaction with Engage Live Call Screening
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