Engage Clarity

Help Your Subscribers Hear Better!

Engage Clarity is a revolutionary wellness software solution that enhances vocal clarity for individuals with hearing loss, right within their existing phone services. No special apps or devices needed!

Millions Struggle to Hear on Calls. Let’s Change That Together.

1 in 5
people worldwide live with hearing loss
of people with hearing loss feel frustrated (with or without a hearing aid) due to struggling to hear on mobile calls
of people who need a hearing aid DO NOT use one
of people with hearing loss avoid answering the phone

Give the Gift of Personalized Call Clarity to Your Subscribers.

Offer Engage Clarity as a premium feature to your subscribers and attract a new customer segment.

Attract a new customer segment, build loyalty with satisfied hearing-impaired users,
and stand out as a leader in inclusivity and accessibility.

How It Works

A quick, 5-minute online test creates a personalized hearing profile, optimizing call audio based on their unique needs.

Hear every word, every nuance on every call effortlessly.

Results Speak Volume

Extensive trials prove Engage Clarity's effectiveness.

agreed that speech was clearer and easier to hear when using the service


found it improved clarity when they were in noisy places


said they wanted to continue using the service


agreed it should be available to everyone who has a hearing need


said they felt stress-free while using the service


felt calls were less tiring when using the service

Increase ARPU and Achieve Inclusivity Goals While Changing Your Subscribers’ Lives

Increase ARPU

Much more cost-effective
than alternate solutions

Simple to Integrate

Integrates with telephony
VoLTE and VoIP service


Cloud-scalability and agility to
support millions of subscribers

Device Independent

Works with every mobile device


Easy to use by
non-web-savvy individuals

Achieve Inclusivity Goals

Meet your regulatory, accessibility,
and inclusivity goals

Learn how Engage Clarity can help you change the lives of millions with hearing issues.
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