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Empower your text-based chatbots with conversational voice and video intelligence

Cost-effectively transition to voice and video-based self-service interactions across any channel – web, mobile, telephony - with programmable voice and video chatbots from Engage Speak2Bot.

Engage Speak2Bot is a multi-language, omnichannel,
conversational AI-based voice and video-powered front end for chatbots

Increase your revenue

Increase your revenue by creating voice and video-powered customer engagement bot applications customized to business needs.

Eliminate headaches and costs

Eliminate headaches and costs of developing, integrating, and supporting infrastructure for speech recognition and telephony services.

Accelerate time to market

Accelerate time to market by using a high-quality cloud-based programmable service that does not require significant in-house skills.

Talk to ChatGPT

Dial +1-276-258-6258

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With Engage Speak2Bot you can convert any Chatbot into a conversational speech-enabled intelligent virtual assistant, including your favorite one Open AI’s ChatGPT

Talk to chatGPT: +1-276-258-6258

A Speech Enabled Chatbot that allows customers to dial a phone number to interact

Engage Speak2Bot removes the complexity of integrating with a telephony network, procuring global phone numbers, and assigning a phone number to a chatbot, effectively extending your reach to billions of users who can simply dial in to interact with the bot.

Automated customer interactions don’t have to be boring scripts

Add Zing to customer engagement with Speak2Bot’s Flexible Response System.

Pre-recorded voice and video response

“Hi, welcome to Radisys Insurance Agency. I can help you pick the right insurance or help you file a claim. Please ask your question.”

Customizable text-to-speech response

“Hi James! Are you calling about the latest order you have placed with us?

Hybrid pre-recorded and customizable response

“This product has a discount of 40% until Aug 30th”  

Your account balance is $0.00. Would you like to sign up for financial management classes? Say Yes or No.

Make a shift from commoditized chatbots
to a conversational, voice-powered intelligent virtual assistant

Deliver a differentiated, new-age customer experience that can scale to handle the rising demand for digital customer interactions—cost-effectively.

Enable customers to interact with the device of their choosing: PC or Mac on a website, mobile apps, or voice and video calls on a smart phone.
Simplify your customer’s interactions by allowing them to interact in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Mandarin, and many more.
Allow your customers to speak naturally. Speak2Bot's Natural Language Understand (NLU) can interpret any length of spoken words or phrases.
Speak2Bot is a cloud-based software solution that can elastically scale to handle any call volume. You have the flexibility to deploy on your private network.

Why Engage Digital Platform?

Your force multiplier to deliver differentiated AI-based digital engagement and immersive communication services

Go beyond traditional
Go beyond traditional voice, video, and SMS by creating experiential digital services. Bring the human into digital interaction with natural language, immersive video, and analytics. Create stickiness and a demand for premium services.
Take full control
Deliver quality of experience and control costs with various hosting options — from private cloud to public — that meet your goals, budget, and compliance needs.
Future-proof applications
Cloud-native architecture means deployment on an optimized, multi-access edge compute platform monetized for 5G network investments. Monetizing applications such as computer vision and AR/VR are in the realm of possibility.
No code / low code visual tools
A visual interface gives you the tools to intuitively assemble components and visual models of logic to rapidly create digital services. Your solutions are calibrated to your environment and customer needs.
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