Programmable Digital Communications Services for Hospitality

Boost guest satisfaction with hyper-personalized, programmable digital convenience services

Personalize guest experience with high-margin connected experiences that conveniently deliver information and services. Gain operational efficiency with virtual assistants, enhance services by mining voice data, expedite response time through omnichannel communication, and attract new customers with unique immersive experiences.

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Create a concierge for digital experiences with

Unique conversational
AI-based video bot

Differentiate brand engagement and guest services with convenience and comfort by creating a video-based virtual assistant that guides guests to services of their choice.

  • Help guests to learn about hotel services, check-in to their room, find local events and promotions, connect with partner tour operators, or book a table in a restaurant over the interactive video, voice, or text-based virtual concierge service on any channel – web, loyalty apps, and phone.
  • Enhance brand credibility by providing automated, yet personalized interactions with trusted corporate faces or brand ambassadors while maintaining the brand’s authentic tonality, attitude, and style.

Programmable IVR for Hospitality

Break free from the limitations of
traditional IVRs to serve your guests

Create an authentic and engaging customer experience with speech-enabled self-service automation solutions that reduce operating costs and create pleasant, friendly, and productive customer interactions.

Program your customer interactions with an intuitive visual design tool.

  • Use voice to answer or playback answers to questions like, “What is the bus service to downtown Rome?”, “Where do I purchase tickets for the museum?”, “Where is the nearest Italian restaurant?”.
  • Help guests explore and navigate in the language of their choice. Questions and responses are automatically translated.
  • Redirect calls to partner operators or local staff when guests have a question.

Up your Net Promoter Score

Embed communication at every touchpoint of the guest journey

Extend your hospitality and communicate with guests from anywhere by embedding voice, video, and messaging APIs to your guest apps and websites.

Audio calls
Click to talk
Click to video chat
Screen sharing
SMS in/out
Content sharing
Secure file


Free your guests from the limitations of bedside phones to reach the front desk or housekeeping.

Show extra care by notifying guests when their room is cleaned, restaurants are less busy, the tour bus is leaving, or there are promotions at their places of interest.

Empower customer experience centers to attract new guests and loyalty members by showcasing new property development and unique travel attractions on a video call. 

Enhance staff productivity by enabling them to service guests and collaborate with peers from anywhere – phone, message, and social.

Engage Programmable Voice

Engage Programmable Video

Hyper-personalize guest experience with
real-time speech and video analytics

Learn more about Engage In-Call Assistant

Mine voice data to personalize guest experience

Predict preferences of guests and make recommendations for tours, sights, events, and information needs. Alert agents to the opportunities to offer new promotions or pass on freebies.

Detect customers dissatisfaction early to improve retention

Analyze customer data to detect customer satisfaction with issue resolution. Interact with customers to ensure their concerns have been addressed to mitigate the risk of losing them.

Make international guests feel at home with live translations

Make it easy for international guests to explain their needs by automatically translating live conversations to their native language.

Add conversational commerce to virtual reality hotel tours

Make your virtual tours interactive and actionable with a conversational virtual assistant. Answer guest questions as they take a virtual tour of the property and assist them to sign up for tee time or purchase souvenirs from a gift shop.

Enhance guest privacy with voice & facial biometric authentication

Enhance security and data privacy by requiring multi-factor authentication using AI-powered voice verification or facial recognition to login to guest accounts, manage guest lockers, and access restricted areas.

Add 24x7 predictive monitoring to enhance security & compliance

Add 24x7 predictive monitoring to enhance security & compliance.

Why Engage Digital Platform?

Expands your portfolio with interactive self-service communications, speech analytics, and high-quality video service.

Go beyond traditional
Go beyond traditional voice, video, and SMS by creating experiential digital services. Bring the human into digital interaction with natural language, immersive video, and analytics. Create stickiness and demand for premium services.
Take full control
Deliver quality of experience and control costs with various hosting options — from private cloud to public — that meet your goals, budget, and compliance needs.
Future-proof applications
Cloud-native architecture means deployment on an optimized, multi-access edge compute platform monetized for 5G network investments. Monetizing applications such as computer vision and AR/VR are in the realm of possibility.
No code / low code visual tools
A visual interface gives you the tools to intuitively assemble components and visual models of logic to rapidly create digital services. Your solutions are calibrated to your environment and customer needs.
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