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Engage Digital Platform makes it easy for you to build differentiated AI-based digital engagements and immersive communication applications.

Engage Digital Platform Offers You
Programmable Voice, Video, and Analytics

Inbound & outbound call controls
Intelligent IVR
Call Recording with Transcription
P2A, A2P, and multi-party calling
Click-to-call (audio & video)
Screen sharing
Call Masking
Speech to Text
Video collaboration
Video Recording
Video assistant
Audio detection & Classification
People Detection & Classification
Object Detection & Classification
Play announcements (audio & video)
Text over Video
Speech Analytics
Mask Detection
Emotion Recognition
People & Object Counting
Gender Classification
Facial Authentication

We Aspire to Inspire. Here are some cool things we built using Engage Digital Platform

Automated Fire Detection in a Remote Factory
Call Screening App to Prevent Spam Calls
Live Call Translation to Break Language Barriers
Interactive Video Virtual Assistant on a Website​

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Conversational IVR App Using No Code

Doctor Appointment Reminder App Using Rest API

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What makes our platform stand out?​

Intuitive Platform

An intuitive platform for anybody and everybody to use.

Beyond Voice & Messaging

Unique programmable media analytics beyond traditional voice & messaging

All Inclusive

No need to pay for virtual phone numbers or speech APIs for the hackathon


Open platform with flexibility to bring your own components

Extensive Developer Tools & Resources

Access to APIs, SDK, Visual Design tool, Test tools, Sample apps

Carrier Grade

Based on carrier-proven underlying technologies deployed by 200+ mobile operators globally

TADHack Global 2023

Top Winners

Winner 1: Emergency Kad

Bello Abdullahi, Caleb Peterson, Manoah Luka and Oshioke Salaki.

IoT-based monitoring and preemptive solution integrating data from multiple sensors to measure air quality, particulate matter levels, water levels etc. with Radisys Engage Digital's Programmable Voice APIs to trigger emergency warning calls.

Winner 2: Team Chanjo

Jevans Otieno (Individual Hack)

An automated immunization reminder system for parents with newborn babies which uses Radisys Engage Digital's Programmable Voice API's for doing follow up calls if there are immunization delays.

Winner 3: Team Intendable

Naveen Rajan, Kaveena Nawodani Ekanayake, Suraif Muhammad, K S S De Fonseka, W D Nipun Chamikara Weerasiri

An app designed for Auditory Processing Disorder, offering enhanced audio quality, real-time STT without internet, rewind/forward conversations, AI-driven image recognition, and adjustable playback speed. Application utilizes Radisys Programmable Video APIs for video consultations.

TADHack Open 2023

Top Winners

1st Place: Guardian Care

Vikki Horne, Muntaser Syed, and Candy Torres

Connecting your loved ones with the care that they deserve, while being remote.

2nd Place: OneCenter / OneCredit

Shuaibu Onivehu Ziyad, Aliyu Ibrahim, and Nastiru Mustapha

OneCenter is a revolutionary software platform that simplifies the process of connecting with call centers. Our platform provides a one-stop solution for individuals and businesses, offering easy access to the call centers of multiple companies in one place.

3rd Place (Joint): FitBot

Mike Cairns 

Staying fit is hard. FitBot will help create daily fitness plans and make sure that you follow them by sending emails and calling you when you need motivation.

TadHack Open 2022

Top Winners

1st Place: Field Workforce Helper

Goes to Field Workforce Helper by Nacho Garmilla using Radisys. Field Workforce Helper: Provides information from the inventory to support field workforce tasks, and routes Guard calls to the guard operator using an agenda in a google spreadsheet. It also logs in the spreadsheet call information.

2nd Place: Secret Babble

Goes to Similarly Geeky (Steev Goodwin & Lily Madar) with Secret Babble helps making multilingual conversations more accessible by providing translations over the phone which can be read out loud by the system or sent discreetly as text message only, providing a transcription of the exchange.

3rd Place (Joint): Blink

Goes to Blink App by Linda Mosemaka using Radisys. Blink is an application that is created to be used in crowded places to reduce the crowd and give people easy access to information about that particular place. It is used in places like hospitals, banks, shops, and airports etc.

3rd Place (Joint): Live Connect

Goes to live connect by John Lyons. Live Connect lets you connect to the experts from around the world. Whether you are interested in learning a new language, finding a maths tutor for your kids, music lessons, golf swing help, or anything, live connect brings the trainer into your home. We use the radisys API to connect via Video to your computer or your phone. Use your website to find a suitable expert, book out the time slot with them, then get connect.

Best Industrial IoT Hack

Best Industry 4.0 Hack prize went to Team RegeX (Nandula Perera, Raveen Fernando, Suvin Kodituwakku, Dilan Perera, Thenuka Ovin Weerasinghe) with FiremX– Fire detection system.

Best Disruptive Hack

Best Disruptive Digital Engagement Hack of $1000 went to LifeVerse by Fahad Mahmood , Sarmad Faheem, and Faheem Azhar. Lifeverse is a health metaverse and real-time engagement platform. People can visit clinics, book appointments using clinic IVR or by interacting with staff members and consult with health specialists through a single platform.

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