Engage Media Analytics

Harness the power of programmable audio-video analytics to monetize the 5G & Edge Cloud Investments

An all-in-one platform for real-time analysis of live communication, streaming, and recorded media. Designed to ensure high performance for data-intensive and latency-sensitive applications at the edge.

100s of Built-in Analytics Models Ready to Use

New intelligence added regularly

Bring Your Own Media Analytics Models

Open and expandable solution  with flexibility add your ow media analytics models 

Create Custom Built Analytics Models

Access to developer resources to create customized computer vision models

Face identification & authentication
Emotion recognition
Gender classification
Object detection & classification
People & object counting
Mask detection
Audio detection & classification

Watch how Engage Media Analytics can be easily set up to remotely monitor a factory for any fire incidence and alert the site managers immediately.

Unleash the Monetization Possibilities
with Engage Media Analytics as a Service​

Streamline operations with the power of video analytics

  • Automate quality checks with computer vision​
  • Enforce compliance with people count in a facility

Strengthen security & safety powered by automations

  • Monitor traffic to enhance road safety in Smart Cities
  • Secure your premise from intruders with predictive surveillance​
  • Detect potential fire hazards and alert authorities​
  • Save lives with gunshot detection and automatic alerts

Uncover hidden emotions with sentiment analysis

  • Assess customer sentiment at the long check out lines​
  • Assess customer response to new products in the store
  • Proactively respond to customer sentiments on customer support calls

Create immersive communication experiences

  • Add dynamic overlays on videos in AR applications​
  • Analyze engagement indices, authenticate attendees, detect hands raised, count attendance, and more with integrated video analytics and video collaboration

Drag & Drop Widgets to Create Customized Experiences in 3 Easy Steps

Use the tools that best suit your style and skills – Visual Design Tool, APIs, SDKs

Drag & Drop Widgets to Create Customized Experiences in 3 Easy Steps


Your force multiplier to accelerate Industry 4.0 innovation on the fixed broadband and 5G public/private networks

Faster Monetization

A production-ready solution for generating revenue


Quick and easy integration with telecom networks


Supports audio and video analytics of live and recorded media


Built to meet telco scale with cloud-based agility

Flexible Deployment​

Host in the cloud, at the edge cloud, or on-premises


Available on web-based, PSTN and in-call experiences

Lower Cost of Ownership​

Over 70% lower than cloud solutions

Open & Expandable ​

Flexibility to customize analytics models and actions

Discover how Engage Media Analytics reduces the complexities of integrating computer vision and audio analytics to enterprise applications in a scalable and cost-effective manner.
Discover how Engage Media Analytics can help your organization add millions of dollars in revenue and expand reach in the enterprise market.
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