Engage Live Call Translator

Make Language Barriers a thing of the past with real-time in-call language translation

Communicate in any language, with anyone, anytime and focus on what really matters: the conversation.

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Say goodbye to the inconvenience of switching between translation apps
Unique . Reliable . Cost-Effective

An average one-hour long speech is almost 8000 words!!

Cost of Human Translator

$30 - $70

Per Hour
Cost of Automated Translator


Per 20M chars / 30M Words per Month
Get Engage Live Call Translator to slash your translation expenses by 50% while persevering the human touch of a conversation
65+ Languages

Translate between 65+ languages at a nominal cost


Engage in a natural dialogue, unimpeded by translation

It’s Live!

Experience the convenience of getting your calls translated in real-time

Activate On the Go

Activate the translation service at any point during your call – no preplanning necessary!


Reduce your costs of hiring multiple translators with different language skills

No App Required

Simply add Engage Live Call Translator to your existing voice communication services.

  • Voice over LTE/ 5G
  • SIP-based Voice Calls
  • WebRTC-based Voice Calls

Globalization has brought the world closer,
don’t let language barriers stand in the way of expanding your global reach

Expand your Business Globally

Seamlessly connect with clients worldwide, hire an international workforce, bridge language gaps, and grow your business globally

Multi-lingual Virtual Assistant

Conversing with Chatbot in your own language,
Speech enabled IVR
Support a global audience
Make bot multi-lingual

Personalized Customer Support

Reach a global customer base with no additional costs of hiring language experts or setting up international call centers

Empower International Travelers

Provide language translation add-on to international roaming subscribers or to local SIM pre-paid calling services

Collaboration made Easy

Unlock the true potential of global collaboration: hire from across the world and work together seamlessly without language limits

Speak to Your Roots

Empower your international diaspora subscribers speak to families back home in their preferred languages

Education for All

Create an inclusive and interactive learning experience for learners worldwide, even in the remotest of regions

New Age Hospitality

Make the hotel booking experience seamless for guests from across the world by embracing language diversity with flawless communication

Healthcare accessible to all

Drive healthcare inclusivity by connecting individuals worldwide with expert medical support, irrespective of language differences

Experience the Engage Live Language Translator in action as it enables instant scheduling of doctor's appointments in real-time, seamlessly bridging language barriers between speakers

Why Engage Live Call Translator?

Your force multiplier to increase ARPU & margin of communication services

Accelerated Revenue

A production-ready solution for generating revenue


Integrates with PSTN/ Mobile, iOS/Android/Browser Apps, and conferencing solutions


Customizable to suit your needs; Add new languages, transcription and more


Built to meet telco scale - millions of subscribers

Quick Implementation

Faster Time-to-Market for your customers

Faster Service Turn-Up

Quick Service Turn-up for an enhanced experience​

Deployment Flexibility

Host in the cloud, at the edge cloud, or on-premises


Easy Programmability via APIs and SDKs

Explore how Engage Live Call Translation empowers businesses to save time and dime – with a real-time, natural, revolutionary offering.
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