Programmable Communications for Medical and Telehealth Applications

Scale high-quality telehealth services without complexity with programmable voice and video.

Alert doctors when they are most needed, enhance clinical efficacy with embedded communications and conversational AI in healthcare workflows, and automate patient interactions for informed care.

  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Promote value-based care
  • Accelerate connected care innovation
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Engage Programmable Voice and Video

Enable a world-class telehealth experience

High-quality on-demand video visits
Connect with patients with a single click from any digital health system, telehealth application, or patient portal.

Omni-channel patient engagement
Enrich patient engagement with text, voice, and high-definition video communications.  

Doctor collaboration
Support virtual visits to diagnose patients and collaborate with patients and peers to discuss lab results from anywhere—even in low-bandwidth connectivity. 

Audio calls
Click to talk
Click to video chat
Screen sharing
SMS in/out
Content sharing
Secure file

Self-service engagement

Enhance the efficacy of virtual visits, online screening, clinical training, and patient triage workflows by adding unique conversational AI-based virtual assistant.

Interact with the Nurses and Technicians Video Bot to get common questions answered​

Get treatment questions answered by a Specialist Video Bot

Deliver cloud-based programmable communication for the connected healthcare – fully integrated with your network services

Exploding demand for telehealth services, aging populations with chronic illnesses, and the shortage of doctors and nurses calls for automation of healthcare services.

Service providers have an opportunity to expand the portfolio of digital engagement services with a composite of interactive self-service communications, speech analytics, and high-quality video service.

  • Connected utilities and predictive maintenance
  • Security, safety, and logistics management
  • Telehealth and remote care technologies
  • EMS and First Responder integration
  • Staff and equipment tracking
  • Pop-up care facilities
  • Digital patient healthcare journeys
  • Patient critical care monitoring

Rethink patient care and clinical efficacy with
real-time speech and video analytics

Deliver just-in-time care with sentiment analysis

Gauge from the tone and content of conversations early signs of morbidity and alert or notify doctors, nurses, and social workers. Monitor signs of mental illness to proactively engage with patients.

Lower penalties by preventing readmissions

Significantly lower the costs of penalties that are paid due to readmissions by alerting doctors and nurses about post-care vital signs.

Provide self-service conversational AI-based patient engagement tools and secure connections for daily conversations with recovering patients to keep track of their post-hospital progress.

Enable flawless conversations

Background noise or machine clatter can be jarring on calls. Sounds can upset patients and restrict accurate diagnosis. Radisys Engage In-Call Assistant leverages AI-based technologies to eliminate unpleasant background sounds from live conversations.

Provide inclusive care with live translations

Add multi-lingual speech analytics to support a diverse and inclusive patient care system by providing live translations.

Increase productivity with hands-free live transcriptions

Enable hands-free live transcription during virtual and physical visits.

Enhance security and data privacy with voice & facial biometric authentication

Enhance security and data privacy by requiring multi-factor authentication using AI-powered voice verification and facial recognition to join virtual visits, access patient data, and enter a healthcare facility.

Why Engage Digital Platform?

Your force multiplier to accelerate the development and deployment of digital healthcare

Go beyond traditional
Go beyond traditional voice, video, and SMS by creating experiential digital services. Bring the human into digital interaction with natural language, immersive video, and analytics. Create stickiness and a demand for premium services.
Take full control
Deliver quality of experience and control costs with various hosting options — from private cloud to public — that meet your goals, budget, and compliance needs.
Future-proof applications
Cloud-native architecture means deployment on an optimized, multi-access edge compute platform monetized for 5G network investments. Monetizing applications such as computer vision and AR/VR are in the realm of possibility.
No code / low code visual tools
A visual interface gives you the tools to intuitively assemble components and visual models of logic to rapidly create digital services. Your solutions are calibrated to your environment and customer needs.
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