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Engage Digital Platform makes it easy for you to build differentiated AI-based digital engagements and immersive communication applications.

Leverage our platform to build the best hack to win the hackathon.


Prize Pot of $20k + Additional $10K
for the Best Hacks Built using Engage Digital​

Hacks built using our Engage Digital Platform will have a chance to be showcased to thousands of people at the Network X Event in Amsterdam on October 19th.

Please note: You must register with TADHack (click here) to participate in Hackathon
& you must register with Radisys here to request access to Engage Digital Platform.

In case you have any questions, you can reach out to us via the #radisys-engage slack channel under tads.slack.com or via email tadhack22_support@radisys.com.

Engage Digital Platform Offers You
Programmable Voice, Video, and Analytics

Inbound, outbound, and hands-free call controls

Flexible call controls

Intelligent IVR


Call Recording with Transcription

Call Masking

Play announcements


Speech to Text

Flexible P2A, A2P, and multi-party calling


Screen sharing

Video collaboration

Video Recording

Play video announcements

Video assistant

Dynamic text over video

Speech Analytics

We Aspire to Inspire

Here are some cool things we built using Engage Digital Platform

Call Screening App to Prevent Spam Calls
Live Call Translation to Break Language Barriers
Interactive Video Virtual Assistant on a Website​

Watch How You Can Build

Conversational IVR App Using No Code

Doctor Appointment Reminder App Using Rest API

Explore Sample Apps on Github

Use the programmable tools that fit your style and skill

What makes our platform stand out?​

Intuitive Platform

An intuitive platform for anybody and everybody to use.

Beyond Voice & Messaging

Unique programmable media analytics beyond traditional voice & messaging

All Inclusive

No need to pay for virtual phone numbers or speech APIs for the hackathon


Open platform with flexibility to bring your own components

Extensive Developer Tools & Resources

Access to APIs, SDK, Visual Design tool, Test tools, Sample apps

Carrier Grade

Based on carrier-proven underlying technologies deployed by 200+ mobile operators globally

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