Submitted by Radisys on 10 February, 2023

The inaugural episode of @Radisys' Let's Engage #podcast is live now!

Listen to @AlanQuayle, founder of @TADHack, as he discusses with @AlBalasco, Head of Media and Applications at Radisys, how the convergence of Open Networks, Programmable Communications, and AI-based Media Analytics is changing the way enterprises operate their businesses.

This podcast uncovers the following:

  • Why the market for programmable communications is so popular, and what aspects are gaining the most attention?
  • How is the battleground for programmable digital engagements emerging, especially concerning the API economy?
  • What are some of the coolest and most interesting applications that have been created using programmable communications in recent hackathons?
  • How can communication service providers leverage their data better using programmable communications?
  • What innovations were seen in the most recent Hackathons, and what can be expected in the upcoming hackathons?
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