Submitted by Radisys on 14 July, 2022

Radisys’ Engage Digital Platform wins TMCnet Unified Communications Product of the Year Award

TMCnet has named Radisys’ Engage Digital Platform as a 2022 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner.

Engage Digital Platform supports the full range of communication services, from voice and video calling, messaging, and call routing to robust AI-enabled solutions on 5G networks. The platform can power eCommerce and customer care applications using natural language-based virtual agents and is ready for 5G-driven real-time IoT services like computer vision, biometric authentication, and speech analytics. 

Service providers, system integrators and enterprises can leverage Engage Digital Platforms’ developer-friendly APIs/SDKs and low-code/no-code visual design tools to create leading-edge services that can drive more significant ROI and user loyalty by creating unique network services. 

Radisys Engage Digital Platform’s capabilities also distinguish it from other CPaaS concepts rooted in public cloud-based voice and messaging service enablement. As a result, the competition’s end customers are limited to Unified Communication and OTT communication applications that offer best-effort performance. Customers using services hosted on the Engage Digital Platform have end-to-end service management, which allows a much broader range of services to meet users’ expectations.

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