Submitted by Radisys on 19 December, 2023

Properseed | D4J Pitch | TadHack2023 Colombia

Our hack focuses on the agricultural sector, seeking to contribute to the solution of some challenges in this field, starting with the management of agricultural data, from which early warnings can be generated and pests can be managed, to finally achieve automation and crop control. We use the resources of radisys and stacuity to develop a solution that include: An IoT device for crop monitoring, a system for pest and weather event warning based on historical data, sending notification and alerts via SMS or internet, an IoT device for automate crop management and an IVR for farmer assistance. Team Members: Daniela Valencia Mellizo:, Juan Camilo Males Castro: Jarby Daniel Salazar Galíndez: Andrés Felipe Jojoa Gómez: Javier Mauricio Fernández Muñoz:

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