Submitted by Radisys on 19 December, 2023

AgriSight Ai | TadHack 2023

AgriSight AI is a project that aims to help farmers get real-time data for infections, specifically, Rust Diseases which reduce the production level of their crops on the farm: by implementing Artificial Intelligence to detect infections and Drone for surveying through the farm. This system was implemented using a Deep learning Algorithm for video analysis by using Radisys APIs and integrating the output with a mobile application that is going to be used by the farmers. Also in the Application, there is a call-action service to ensure that if a farmer has got a problem we can get in touch with him/her. To implement this feature we use Jambonz APIs. Team Members: YANGE HASSAN KULWA: MUSHI THOMSON ARON: NIKANORY PETER NONIYO: KAGOMA FLORA LEONIDAS: MARTINE MALIUS

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