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Unleashing the Power of CPaaS Solutions to Revolutionize Customer Experiences

With the recent advancements in Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) technology, communications solutions providers (CSPs) have a unique opportunity to help enterprises create streamlined experiences for customers and employees using CPaaS solutions. By working directly with enterprises to understand customer challenges, CSPs can develop a CPaaS solution to specifically meet that challenge. Enterprises can then leverage these CPaaS solutions to bolster their overall customer experience and gain a competitive advantage over other businesses.

CPaaS has evolved beyond its initial mission of voice and messaging. Today, consumers interact with CPaaS technology daily often without knowing it, whether through appointment reminders, interactions with rideshare drivers or service requests with an internet or phone provider. CPaaS solutions allow enterprises to provide the level of communication that customers have come to expect. For example, delivery services allow customers to track a package from when it is initially shipped all the way to their front door. This functionality can also be seen in the process of requesting a tow truck, where customers who are experiencing car troubles can easily request services to their location through a CPaaS application and can subsequently track the tow truck’s location and ETA directly within the application.

According to Kevin Nethercott, Managing Partner at the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance, the CPaaS industry is expected to grow from $16 billion last year to $100 billion by the end of the decade, making it the fastest-growing sector of telecommunications. This evolution in the CPaaS market provides CSPs with an opportunity to capitalize on the growing need for CPaaS solutions that can deliver improved customer communication. These evolved CPaaS platforms allow enterprises to interact with their different information systems and the customer simultaneously in a way that can dramatically create and improve brand loyalty.

Enterprises are regularly turning to their local carriers to develop unique solutions to meet their business needs. CSPs can partner with enterprises in the mutually beneficial development of unique low-code, no-code CPaaS solutions that help streamline customer communication. These solutions can then be used by enterprises to deliver positive customer experiences and experience a competitive advantage over other businesses. Furthermore, CSPs can utilize the methodology used to develop that CPaaS solution with other enterprise customers to meet their specific business needs, delivering improved professional services and experiencing additional revenue opportunities.

With the expansion of the CPaaS market, CSPs are in a unique position to enable their enterprise customers to deliver next-generation communication platforms, bolstering customer retention and creating alternative revenue streams. With virtually limitless opportunities for improving customer experience, CSPs can deliver solutions that help overcome enterprise challenges and expand existing CPaaS use cases.

To learn more about how CSPs can utilize CPaaS to deliver the future of business communications, listen to the Let’s Engage Podcast Episode 3: How CPaaS is Changing the Face of Business Communications on our website.

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