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Shaping the Future of Digital Communications through Next-Generation Mobile Technology By: Al Balasco, Head of Devices and Digital Engagement Platforms Business

Over the past few decades, we've witnessed the accelerated evolution of digital engagement solutions, from the early days of mobile voice to the addition of mobile broadband data and the use of AI and machine learning, video analytics and connected everything potential with 5G networks. This shift across the telecommunications landscape has enabled people to remain connected anywhere, at any time, transforming global commerce and industry operations.

During “Episode 4: Connected Horizons - Exploring the Dynamic Landscape of Mobile Network Technology” of Radisys’ Let’s Engage Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Nick Johnson, Director of the UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN) and a lifetime contributor to the telecommunications industry. We discussed the challenges facing telcos and enterprises within the UK and how UKTIN catalyzes collaboration between academia, government and industry stakeholders to drive telecommunications research, development and innovation across the UK telecoms industry. We also explored how Radisys’ diverse set of networking technologies enables the creation of improved global communications capabilities, providing enhanced international commerce and increased network potential within internal operations.

Delivering Enhanced Innovations with Radisys’ Accessible Programmability

Currently, the UK telecoms industry is striving to overcome numerous challenges including connecting the unconnected, ensuring adequate network access within rural areas and establishing stable and efficient next-generation connectivity and applications for enterprises. UKTIN works directly with these enterprises to address these challenges and create network applications and digital engagement solutions that accelerate the capabilities of the telecoms industry.

In conjunction with this ideology, Radisys delivers innovation across our portfolio of network infrastructure solutions and devices by including the availability of accessible programmability. Visibility into the network infrastructure and device programmability is vital as it ensures developers and business users have access to enhanced networking capabilities and to innovate new solutions. By providing network developers with increased visibility into their network devices, Radisys can help push next-generation network innovations, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, video analytics and 5G private network applications for enterprises and telcos.

Additionally, the region is undergoing a supply chain upgrade as it shifts towards a more resilient and diverse range of suppliers. By boosting diversification in the supply chain, telecom suppliers can avoid a break in the supply chain and ensure that critical national infrastructure is not affected when supplier regions face geopolitical issues or security problems.

Radisys addresses this challenge head-on by ensuring our network solutions are open and disaggregated, allowing easy establishment of interoperable network architectures capable of withstanding shifts in supply and availability. With a more resilient network infrastructure, network providers can ensure network stability across the region.

The Evolution of the UK Telecommunications Ecosystem

This telecommunications evolution has helped to expand the global connectivity of people anywhere, anytime. Additionally, it has transformed commerce and how industry verticals, such as transportation, manufacturing and agriculture operate in the UK. Radisys, among other industry corporations, is a driving force in the process of creating innovative digital engagement and mobile network applications to help facilitate numerous solutions offering stable connectivity for customers across many verticals. By establishing a variety of applications and solutions that address multiple use cases and help solve customer needs, we simultaneously enable customers to select the solutions that work best for their unique business requirements. The driving force behind the evolution in the UK is the wave of innovation within the telecommunications industry to offer customers expansion of services and customizable options to address real-world challenges within enterprises and manufacturing industries.

Furthermore, we’re seeing innovations to address the lack of network access within rural areas. Non-terrestrial networks are shifting the economics of rural networks and wide-area deployment. By establishing 5G network connections directly via satellites, rural network access can be achieved without the need for any ground-based infrastructure. While this technology is still maturing, this shift in the telecommunications landscape offers a promising future for network access anywhere.

How to Participate in the UK Ecosystem Innovation

By utilizing Radisys’ diverse range of products and solutions, telecom operators, solution developers and systems integrators can lead the transformation taking place across the UK telco industry. Listen to the Let’s Engage Podcast Episode #4 recording, to learn more about the ongoing innovations occurring across the UK telecommunications industry and how Radisys’ solutions and programmable communication applications are helping propel this technological evolution in the UK and globally.

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